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'Noah's Ark' by Yana Stajno
Noah's Ark | solo exhibition of Yana Stajno's artwork | 3rd Feb-27th Mar 2014 | Karamel, 4 Coburg Road, London N22 6UJ
Working from the Chocolate Factory since 2010, Yana Stajno is an artist with many strings to her bow. Originally a student of English and Drama, Stajno has written a number of plays and short stories, including ‘A Flash in the Park’ with renowned illustrator Oscar Zarate, which appeared in the 2012 graphic story collection ‘It’s Dark in London’. Not one to be content with just one art form, she has also exhibited her expressionist paintings and sketches all over Britain, and occasionally takes some time out to further her studies in drawing. In addition, she’s also an acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese medicine, with a novel on the way!

On display in Karamel during February and March will be a number of recent works, many of which are brand new for 2014 and have never been shown elsewhere. Utilising a mix of pastels, charcoal, watercolours, oils, and acrylics, Yana Stajno portrays narratives that are, in her own words, “strange funny, and seductive, yet provoke disquiet. This perfectly describes collection of work that can either be resplendent or monochrome, but always have a sense of underlying urgency in their visceral, abstract strokes.





The Chocolate Factories in Wood Green, London N22, are a landmark development and hub of excellence for the creative industries in the UK.

The project started in 1996 when Collage Arts, an arts development agency, moved into the Chocolate Factory on Clarendon Road and converted several derelict floors of the Factory into artist studios.

What followed was a high demand for creative space and in 2002, Collage Arts renovated Chocolate Factory 2 on Coburg Road, next door.

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